Another Introverts’ Haven 3


Credit : eTawau

Introverts usually are book lovers and bookstore junkies… There are higher chances to see and meet introverts hanging out or goes shopping in the bookstores than any other places in town.

Another clue that leading me to accept and embrace my introversion is my affliations on bookstores since my childhood. Many introverts admitting that bookstores is among their favorite places.

Quong Ming Bookstore is still in my list of introverts’ havens. This is one of few favorite places in Tawau Town when I was still a resident of Tawau ten years ago. And this bookstore is where my affliation on bookstores started, long before Popular, Times, Harris or the classic Chowrasta Market.

Somehow, my memories with this historical bookstore are mostly associated with stationary and supplies rather than with books. It is still considered introverts’ haven because it has different vibes than any other shopping outlets in the town. It never drained my energy even on the peak days and hours.

It was started in 1985 when this bookstore still operated from the old classic building at Chester Street. My late father brought me there to buy textbooks and workbooks for primary school also some stationery supplies that I need for schooling.


The place where Quong Ming Bookstore was once there. Credit : Azlan Lauddin Martin of Discover Tawau.

Years to come and after been influenced by the some of my classmates, I started to have a soft spot for fancy-designed imported pens, mechanical pencils, letter sets and note books. Most of it came from Taiwan, Japan or Korea. Names like Micro, Bensia, Buncho, Kutsuwa, Flomo, Shinn Jee, Golden Tiger, Flying Eagles are still in my mind until now. Due to the high prices, I got those supplies once in a blue moon, comparing to other girls who were able to buy those brands product frequently as some luxury indulgences.


Taiwan-Originated Sharpener-free Bensia Pencils : The first innovative school supplies I knew after the more expensive mechanical pencils from Japan and South Korea. Somehow I get attracted more on the fine-point ball pens with the same design.
Credit : Pinterest



Fancy Supplies : One of the reasons I have long-time soft spot on Quong Ming Bookstores. Credits :

And when I started to develop an interest for colouring books, Quong Ming Book Stores also a place where my late father bought some cute colouring books for me.

When this bookstores opened their new, modern-designed branch ( now the main outlet ) at Sabindo area, a lot of new items attracted me to it like fancy kids storybooks, fancy bookmarks and ecetera. It has a unique smell of new books’ ‘fragrance’ that spreaded over the air-conditioned chill air which I strangely loved. And Quong Ming simply became the quiet version of Disneyland.


The Second Floor of Quong Ming Bookstore in Sabindo

Credit : Facebook

Quong Ming Bookstore was still my favorite place when I was in Secondary School. This time, my affiliations on fancy stationaries/supplies still went on but it was updated to satisfy the taste of a young adolescent girl. Coloured pens and markers, fancy designed files, stickers and so on. CP or Creative Product was a new local star brand and I developed a longtime fondness on it since its first appearance in the bookstore. The books in my shopping list were always academic reference books or workbooks. Since I have Tawau Public Library membership, I rarely bought storybooks or novels here. Sometimes I bought magazines for both home reading and scrapbooks purpose.

Before closing the post, lets some personal pictures tells their own story…


A cute but rare A4-sized letter pad I bought from Quong Ming Bookstore in somewhere between 2003-2004. I rarely use it except for special purposes…


The tag price behind the same letter pad. It has the correspondence address of the outlet.


Some other surviving fancy items I bought from Quong Ming Bookstore. If they have age like human, they will be around 20-25 years old !

Lovely Notes To Anggerek Ungu


Note : The drive to write a creative writing works came back. This is simply a creative writing work in a form of an informal email notes from a good high school friend to another good high school friend who is separated by thousand miles distance. This lovely notes based on a theme/topic that very familiar to us nowadays. Simply airing a thought about social media and friendship, from Highly Sensitive Person’s point of view.


Dear Anggerek Ungu,

Thanks for the concerns. I’m sorry that you’re so worrying that something may have happened to me. Hopefully this email reply can give you the certain answer and you can feel good again, In Sha Allah. Actually, I never block you in Facebook at all. I’m just simply deactivate my Facebook account, perhaps, for around two weeks time. You can check your Facebook Messenger, if you have one. I’m still there. We can set an appropriate time to chat or simply leave a message for me to read it later, if you really missing me so much or there’re any good news you wanted to share.

I’m simply needing and wanting some unplugging time. To recharge and saving my own energy. Be more calm and relax. So that I can keep myself sane and keep enjoying the good relationships with other people.

We both know that I have a sensitive nervous system that can be easily overwhelmed by overstimulations. And lately, I found out that I can’t handle news feedbacks from friends and acquaintances well, even though the things that they posted were positive stuff.

There’re something more…

Anggerek, I’m actually respecting their right to post the things they want to post on their own wall and happy to know good things happening on them, while on the same time I want to stay away from the things that tempting and pushing me to value my self-worth based on salary numbers, material possessions, numbers in my bank account and so and so. Valuing ourselves based on that kind of measurement only creating negative and unhealthy outcomes, my friend… Inside and out for sure.

That’s all for now. Stay calm and relax…


Hugs !

Melati Putih

Kinabalu Lessons 1 : Our Family Members & Friends Are Not The Porters Of Our Own Emotional Baggages !


Credit : Porter Gunung Kinabalu Facebook Page

This is a picture that honestly portraying what porters of Mount Kinabalu are doing for living. It was taken at the least expected place on Laban Rata Resthouse- loading bay at the backside loaded with bags of garbages. After porting foods, drinks and anything to the resthouse, porters have to bring down garbages from here to Timpohon Gate for the disposals at the proper place.

The same picture nearly brought me to tears for many reasons. For this blog post, I’ll say our family members or friends are not deserved to be the porters of our emotional baggages. Even though they are sincerely willing to be our shoulders to cry on.


Credit : Love And Relationship Advice & Suggestions 

Why ?

Emotional baggages are very similar to unnecessary things we bring to the hiking/climbing trip to the mountain or hill. The longer the trail, as altitude keep gaining and as terrain getting steeper, the pains and agonies keep gaining as we keep carrying it. Add up uncertain weather conditions to that. Most of the time we must submitting the extra weights to our mountain guides cum porters before or in the middle of the trail, or willing to pay some handsome money for hiring porters; so that we don’t ‘ended in a death march’.

Any trekkers or climbers of Mount Kinabalu will feel and know this reality for sure. If anyone never do trekking or climbing, try to climb a hill or a mountain with heavy things in your backpack to experience it.

Or at least carry a little gallon of water in your backpack and climb the stairs of any skyscrapers available in your place.

Recall how do we feel and we will realize that family members and friends are not the porters from the heaven. They are human beings with their own flaws and limitations. They may sincerely willing to be the porters of our emotional baggages until compassion fatigue breaks up their souls sooner or later.


For not letting our family members or friends carrying our emotional baggages in silent pain, we have to be free from emotional baggages at the first place.

A Call And A Gentle Reminder


Kredit :

On the last week, I met Makcik Yaya ( not her real name ) on her way back from 10, 000 steps walk daily routine. A grandmother to several grandchildren, she is among my favorite dressmakers and a well-respected figure in the neighborhood. She’s starting her brisk walking routine since two years ago, after joining a health campaign activity promoted by Ministry of Health called ‘Berjalan 10, 000 Langkah Sehari‘. Since then, Makcik Yaya consistently giving her commitments to the programme.

Six years ago, Makcik Yaya had to retire temporarily from her dressmaking business due to the detoriation of her health conditions. On that time, she was a frequent hospital-goers, lost a lot of her body weight and been bed-ridden most of the time. She had aimed her best to get back her health, including investing her savings in alternative medicines.

By Allah’s Will, Makcik Yaya recovered gradually. Since realizing that a healthy body is the paramount in running her business, she did anything she can to sustain her health conditions once getting back her health. Her participation in the government health programme is one of her efforts.

After two years of commitment, Makcik Yaya looks stronger, radiant and attractive for someone in her age. She keeps smiling and makes people joyful just by her presence. Being strong and healthy beyond expectations, she deserved to be admired and envied.

Seeing someone much older aging gracefully is a call to take care on my physical health. A gentle reminder maybe a more suitable way to say so. Since my uni graduation long time ago, honestly I lead a sedentary life with unhealthy consuming habits. A commitment to a pointless, soul-sucking pursuit for more than five years made things worst. As a result, I fell sick and been hospitalized several times in 2012. After facing the toughest reality check after doing some soul-searchings, I firmly decided to quit from ‘The Most Amazing Rat Race’. A miracle or otherwise, I recovered gradually after that.

Somehow, the decision to quit is still not good enough…

After meeting Makcik Yaya, I saw several interesting signboards on my way back to my family house.

For a sudden, I recognized this walking path as a part of ‘Berjalan 10, 000 Langkah Sehari‘ walking trail.


Guess, which category I am in ?

Kredit : Taman Sri Nibong RA Log

These signboards not just simply serving as a landmark for an official trail of a healthy lifestyle programme activity, but also a tough reminder for myself. Reminds me to all the ‘sadistic cruel acts’ that I did to my own body. It’s a sadistic cruel act when I let myself living in sedentary but energy-draining life while enjoying all ‘comfort’ foods and drinks excessively. Suddenly, I have a hunch that Makcik Yaya will be the first to reach Low’s Peak among two of us, in case we are on the same trekking expedition on Mount Kinabalu Summit Trail. It’s not impossible since Tan Sri Dato’ Chan Chong Tak was still be able to scale King George Peak of East Kinabalu-which is much more robust and risky than Summit/Tourist Trail- at the age of 71 in 2004 and after overcame his very own health issue. And it is so shameful when someone very much older having better fitness level than me. I deserved that shame and humilations !

Hopefully, this is the turning point and a very strong motivation for me to make commitments and be consistent in healthy, active lifestyle.

By the way, I wish all the best for Makcik Yaya and her supportive family.

Lesson From Visitors’ Replies..


After hundreds of visitors came up to read one of the posts last week, this blogsite returns back to the quietness of the woods of Maliau Basin on pre-fame era…

Somehow I did realized that the quietness of this blog site is not something negative because I have learned a lesson provided by two replies from two visitors.

The lesson not came easy since those replies were dumped into the junk box automatically. It needs time and loving heart to ‘fish it out’ and read it.

Before sharing what I have learned, let me share those replies here :

Reply 1


Reply 2


Sincere or not, only Allah SubhanaWaTaala does know.

Anyway I’ve learned that, if we write something honestly and sincerely, and it is something that we are familiar with; there’re some chances that other people needing and be grateful to read our posts, even though our friends/acquaintances ( or anyone in your expectations ) seems ignoring or even not liking it. Most of the time, we are not expecting that these people will replying to our posts.

Salam Maal Hijrah And The Obvious New Change In The Blog…


( Image Source : Ahmad Syaharuddin )


Salam Maal Hijrah to my Muslim brothers and sisters.

Yes… It’s still far from the first anniversary of this blog, but the first day of Muharram 1438H already came by- a year since I decided to come back after retiring from writing for almost 2 years. Hopefully this year is a blessed good year for us. So, some implementations of new resolutions, shifting and changes to come sooner or later, In sha Allah.

And this blog also not excluded from facing shiftings and changes.

If anyone noticing carefully, this is the first post I write in English. For this new Hijri year, I decided to write blog posts in English occasionally -one of the goals that I set for this year. Maybe not as perfect as any native writers, but writing in English occasionally is to challenge and balancing my own default writing ability.

Hopefully, I can be consistent with this goal till another new Hijri year.