Introverted Sensation (Si ) : When Pictures Telling About Something

These picture were snapped at the starting point of Kota Belud Trail…

Damaged Panar LabanB

Damaged Panar Laban2b

Damaged Panar Laban3b

( Credit : Refflisia Putih )

Now they are one of the reasons I did realized about the position of my Introverted Sensing ( Si ) even more. So in an emotionally shocking way.

Before seeing these pictures and other post-earthquake pictures of Panar Laban, the visual image of Panar Laban in my mind is always an ethereal beauty surrounded with clouds and mist. That image are stored in my internal memory storehouse since my first arrival there, something related to Si. Si is a data-storage device like cognitive function. The storage and organisations of all sights, smells, sounds and sensory informations from the past are Si’s job and business. When people talks about Panar Laban and somewhere around Gunting Lagadan Hut, that image will be replaying in my mind as a reaction to it. Just like the first moment I see it. And the image resurfaced again in the same fashion when something else triggered the memory.

And my reaction to it is also visceral.

That is how Si functions in the third preferred function alias the Eternal Child/Puella Aeterna archetype.

When I saw these pictures above, I can’t help from comparing it with the nostalgic images from my memory. The comparison between the current reality and memory from the past filled me with sadness and so a brutally strong reminder of the frailty and non-infallible nature of worldly life that made me feel freezing- everything but Allah Taala must come to an end someday.

Only people with INFP and INTP preferences are having Si in Eternal Child/Puella Aeterna position… So ?

Intraverted Sensation : The Main Reason For Embracing INFP Preferences.


Credit : RuQayya Make Up

Honestly, I never taken official MBTI test. Online ‘MBTI’ tests always showing that I tend to have INFP preferences. Honestly, I have doubts and dispute about it many times. Sometimes I think I’m more an INFJ and sometimes I’m thinking that I’m more to ENFP.

But why I’m still thinking that INFP is my best true type and embrace it ?

I got the courage after reading and knowing Beebe’s 8 functions model approach to Type Dynamics that based on the work of Carl Jung. And so grateful to read materials that were written by Vicky Jo Varner and Ken Cerney- a man with INFP as his true type. And so, quickly recognizing the things that their wrote in my own personal tendencies.

Honestly, Intraverted Sensation ( Si ) is the function that surprisingly lead me to my findings. When I found out about this one, I started to see how the other functions appears in my life. And so far they are so true !

In the case of a person of with INFP true type, Si is located on the third function. In Beebe’s Jungian 8 Function model, the third function is called either Puer, Puella or Eternal Child. That is means my Si is ranked the third on Top 4 functions ( the 4 natural functions ).

Introverted Sensing isn’t simply about remembering something; it’s about recalling an experience in every way — actually re-living it as if it is happening again for the first time.”, Vicky Jo Varner explaining something significant about Si in her website When Si is ranked the third in Top 4 functions, the recalling experience has an innocent, fresh and childlike quality. That is also means I have an emotional relief by enjoying the nostalgia of sweet memories, especially my childhood memories as an easiest way to retreat from stressful life trials.

This is very true in many cases, I’ll be glad to share several of them in this post :

1. The strong emotional attachment with the past.

2. The tendency of visiting the same places frequently

3. Any present sensory experiences always re-living the past experiences.

4. It’s so hard to throw away old stuff.

5. My frame of reference begin with yesterday then comparing with what had changed now…


Credit : Nurul Najwa

1. The strong emotional attachment with the past.

Honestly I have a tendency of spending time dwelling on Memory Lane. That leads me to the tendency of enjoying telling tales from the past – writing it either in flashback technique or a la memoir. Some of the frequent followers of this blog or fellow members of certain Facebook groups will realized and noted this personal tendency from the content of my blog posts.

2. The tendency of visiting the same places frequently

I have this tendency and realized it simply by realizing that I still have a strong desire to re-hike Mount Kinabalu, even after the tragic earthquake that shook Sabah at June 5th 2015. By doing a re-hiking someday in the future, hopefully I can let my mind mesmerizing the sweet memories from previous hiking experience. Honestly, I have the same tendency during my first hiking in 1998. At that time, witnessing the beauty of it in when walking through the jungle and alpine rocks trail reminded me of my childhood dream that sparked after watching a documentary about Mount Kinabalu that was aired on TV Pendidikan.

It is not happened only to Mount Kinabalu but some other places including Tawau-my adopted hometown for 19 years.

3. Any present sensory experiences always re-living the past experiences.

The smell of rainfall or any sensory experiences in the present time awakening the beautiful memories either in my childhood or some other time in my past. I’ll not eleborate this because I’ll plan to develop a single blog post about INFP and the affiliations towards rainfalls in the future which are related to this.

4. It’s so hard to throw away old stuff.

Lets this picture telling the truth.


Some of you may have seen this on another blog post. For the newcomers, this is simply some of many memorabilias from my pasts that survived years of decluttering processes. They have age range from 20-25 years old or maybe older than that.

Honestly, I have difficulties of doing decluttering because of strong emotional attachments with old things that remind me of those good old days.

5. My frame of reference begin with yesterday then comparing with what had changed now.

I did realized about this when I have mini school reunions with my ex-classmates twice. When I saw my ex-classmates, I can’t help from comparing what I did saw just now with the mental images I have in my memory, and I feel an astonising wow with every findings.

Having Si as the third functions also means I am sensitive and aware that something is going on with my body, including my inner feelings/mood. It can appear as illness, allergies or pains.

For this blog post however I’ll not including the dark side of having Si as the third natural function even though I know how true it is. Anyone can have a further reading on all or any links that enclosed below to explore that ‘dark side’.


Doraemon’s Time Machine : This is a how Si or Introverted Sense as Puer, Puella or Eternal Child make sense to me.

Credit : Muhamad Ali Hanafiah

Further reading :



Another Introverts’ Haven 3


Credit : eTawau

Introverts usually are book lovers and bookstore junkies… There are higher chances to see and meet introverts hanging out or goes shopping in the bookstores than any other places in town.

Another clue that leading me to accept and embrace my introversion is my affliations on bookstores since my childhood. Many introverts admitting that bookstores is among their favorite places.

Quong Ming Bookstore is still in my list of introverts’ havens. This is one of few favorite places in Tawau Town when I was still a resident of Tawau ten years ago. And this bookstore is where my affliation on bookstores started, long before Popular, Times, Harris or the classic Chowrasta Market.

Somehow, my memories with this historical bookstore are mostly associated with stationary and supplies rather than with books. It is still considered introverts’ haven because it has different vibes than any other shopping outlets in the town. It never drained my energy even on the peak days and hours.

It was started in 1985 when this bookstore still operated from the old classic building at Chester Street. My late father brought me there to buy textbooks and workbooks for primary school also some stationery supplies that I need for schooling.


The place where Quong Ming Bookstore was once there. Credit : Azlan Lauddin Martin of Discover Tawau.

Years to come and after been influenced by the some of my classmates, I started to have a soft spot for fancy-designed imported pens, mechanical pencils, letter sets and note books. Most of it came from Taiwan, Japan or Korea. Names like Micro, Bensia, Buncho, Kutsuwa, Flomo, Shinn Jee, Golden Tiger, Flying Eagles are still in my mind until now. Due to the high prices, I got those supplies once in a blue moon, comparing to other girls who were able to buy those brands product frequently as some luxury indulgences.


Taiwan-Originated Sharpener-free Bensia Pencils : The first innovative school supplies I knew after the more expensive mechanical pencils from Japan and South Korea. Somehow I get attracted more on the fine-point ball pens with the same design.
Credit : Pinterest



Fancy Supplies : One of the reasons I have long-time soft spot on Quong Ming Bookstores. Credits :

And when I started to develop an interest for colouring books, Quong Ming Book Stores also a place where my late father bought some cute colouring books for me.

When this bookstores opened their new, modern-designed branch ( now the main outlet ) at Sabindo area, a lot of new items attracted me to it like fancy kids storybooks, fancy bookmarks and ecetera. It has a unique smell of new books’ ‘fragrance’ that spreaded over the air-conditioned chill air which I strangely loved. And Quong Ming simply became the quiet version of Disneyland.


The Second Floor of Quong Ming Bookstore in Sabindo

Credit : Facebook

Quong Ming Bookstore was still my favorite place when I was in Secondary School. This time, my affiliations on fancy stationaries/supplies still went on but it was updated to satisfy the taste of a young adolescent girl. Coloured pens and markers, fancy designed files, stickers and so on. CP or Creative Product was a new local star brand and I developed a longtime fondness on it since its first appearance in the bookstore. The books in my shopping list were always academic reference books or workbooks. Since I have Tawau Public Library membership, I rarely bought storybooks or novels here. Sometimes I bought magazines for both home reading and scrapbooks purpose.

Before closing the post, lets some personal pictures tells their own story…


A cute but rare A4-sized letter pad I bought from Quong Ming Bookstore in somewhere between 2003-2004. I rarely use it except for special purposes…


The tag price behind the same letter pad. It has the correspondence address of the outlet.


Some other surviving fancy items I bought from Quong Ming Bookstore. If they have age like human, they will be around 20-25 years old !

Another Introverts’ Haven II


Kredit : Photo by CEphoto, Uwe Aranas / CC-BY-SA-3.0

One of the essential clue that made me realize of my introvert nature is my affiliation on libraries.

And I consider Tawau Public Library as another introverts’ haven.

I spent most of my adolescent period in Tawau. During that period, Tawau Public Library was among my favorite outlets during my solo outings in Saturday. And I consider that as the best days that I have, since I recognized adolescent time as typically and naturally the most difficult time for introverted HSP individuals and Saturdays are the best time for me to recharge and unplug myself.

And the cost for doing a solo introvert outing in Tawau around 1990s was basically less than RM10- that includes bus fares, a plate of Nasi Bambong or Bihun Goreng with an egg, and not forget some little fancy stationery stuff from either Quong Ming Bookstores or exclusive gift shops in Tawau occasionally.

I started to be a library-goer since the second half of 1992, when Tawau Public Library was still located in Wisma Pelabuhan-that in opposite of Padang Bandaran Tawau. During that time, I was just borrowing books from the library for home-reading. Somehow, I was only started to do hours-long stay in the library- for an exclusive studying experience- in 1993, after receiving influences from fellow friends and my longing for a place where I can concentrate on my study without being overwhelmed by overstimulations. When Tawau Public Library was moved to its own beautiful building at Sabindo area around the end of 1993, my Saturday outing-studying routine also started to have some elements of ‘guilty pleasures’ in it. And I even came to the library occasionally on weekdays during SPM season.


Somewhere on Reference & Informations Section on the first floor. This is the place where I was doing my exclusive solo studying session. Somehow this is not my favorite spot since I can’t study privately. But what can I choose when I came at the peak day of the week ? Anyway it was a lot better to study critical subjects right here than studying in a noisy home with lots of distractions, when you are not afford to pay that expensive tuition class tutor fees.

Credit : Foursquare

This new location and building allowed me to have my best ‘me time’ when felt overwhelmed by multiple stimulations. Saturday was considered as the peak day of the week-students from various schools of Tawau came to flood the Library for many good reasons. When I was simply get overwhelmed by some overloads on my nervous system,  I chose to have a simple decompression by looking at beautiful Sulawesi Sea view either from the unique round windows of reading section or just simply went out from the building, crossing the road and went to Persiaran Traulsen esplanade behind it. Or just simply sitting down and looking at the beautiful plants in the beautiful garden inside the building.

My decision to have a exclusive Saturday studying sessions in this library is one of the reasons for my fateful results in both PMR and SPM examinations.


Another Place On The Same Building: Reading Section area of Tawau Public Library. Also my favorite place where I borrowed some ‘good foods’ for mind and heart.

Credit : Foursquare

And Tawau Public Library is the place where my passions for writing ( not surprisingly one of introverts’ favorite activity ) blossomed. I borrowed and read some best books from this place and the big name like Anwar Ridhwan ( Dato’ ), Shahnon Ahmad ( Dato’ ), Arenawati ( Allahyarham ), Othman Puteh ( Allahyarham ), Hashida Sugako, Pandir Kelana, Pearl S. Buck, Freddy. S, Elie Wiesel, Khairuddin Ayip, Mohd. Ismail Sarbini ( Allahyarham ), Mokjamos and much more staying in my heart and mind from then till now. The authors of those books had a huge contributions in what I am today and what have you read in this blog.

Even though I’m no longer a Tawau resident, my affiliation for libraries is remain until this day…


One of my favorite books during my adolescene days and I never know this good book is existed if I never came to Tawau Public Library. A Japanese to Malay translation book written that told me about a true story of Totto-Chan, a Japanese girl who attend Tomoe Gakuen, an unique elementary school which was so different from the mainstream education system on pre-WWII era. This unique school was built from an old train coach and Totto-Chan schooling experiences wouldn’t be the same again after attending Tomoe Gakuen.

Credit : Facebook

Another Introverts’ Havens…


Credit : Photo by CEphoto, Uwe Aranas

The energy level of an introvert is depending closely to his or her environment. He or she feels more energetic when alone or in 5-6 people small group rather than in the larger group. And introverts has more energy when they are at the places where they feel comfortable or the places that have just the right ambiance.

That’s what I learned from Jane Grennemann of Introvert, Dear and validated by my own personal experiences in various environments/places.

On previous musings posts, I have mentioned Gunting Lagadan Hut ( Series I & II ) as introverts’ haven. This time and from my experiences when I was still a Tawau resident, I can say that Masjid Lama Bandar Tawau or Masjid Jamek Waqaf Ahmad Bin Daeng Mapata is another places that I consider as introverts’ haven.

This historical mosque not only a place for performing the salat fardhu when I worked or have an outing at Bandar Tawau but also a serene place where I both unplugged and recharged myself from all overstimulations I experienced anywhere. The exclusive women area is located at the top floor. There’re a walkway balcony where you can smell the breeze of Laut Sulawesi when the wind blows and to see or photographing some of places in Tawau from comfortably higher view. This mosque is one of the places where I can socialize with people without feeling spacey or experiencing an energy draining from overstimulations. I can went home without collapsing after arriving on my bedroom.

I’m dearly missed this mosque so much after moving out outside Tawau. Doing an outing are always exhausting and energy-draining experiences, unless if I can found a serene place like Masjid Lama Bandar Tawau to pray-to unplug and to recharge.

Meanwhile, it is not unusual to find that the religious and conservative introverts choosing their worship places as their introverts’ haven, no matter what religion they are.

Untuk Si Introvert Berjiwa Halus : Melegakan ‘Introvert Overload’ Dengan Mandi Aura


Bagi individu introvert berjiwa halus pasti akan merasakan keadaan di mana rasa letih dan lesu badan melanda selepas kembali dari majlis keramaian atau tempat yang riuh-rendah. Selain rasa letih dan lesu badan, daya tumpuan dan daya berfikir menjadi kurang tajam.

Ada yang memberi istilah Sensory Overload, Introvert Overload, Introvert Hangover, Overarousal dan macam-macam lagi. Tak serupa nampaknya tapi menjurus kepada keadaan yang sama dialami individu introvert berjiwa halus selepas bergaul dengan khalayak ramai atau mengalami rangsangan lampau dari persekitaran.

Hal itu berlaku disebabkan sistem saraf individu introvert berjiwa halus jauh lebih peka terhadap rangsangan luar serta tenaga dalaman mereka dijana dari dalam diri mereka dan jadi terkuras apabila mereka berada di khalayak ramai atau suasana yang riuh-rendah. Bahkan mereka kerapkali ‘terambil’ aura negatif orang lain sebagai ganti kepada aura mereka yang telah ‘diambil’ oleh orang sekeliling mereka.

Mandi bunga atau mandi minyak aura merupakan satu cara terbaik untuk melegakan keadaan tersebut.

Bagi yang berasa sukar untuk mencari bunga-bunga segar sebagai flower bomb, mandi minyak aura merupakan pilihan terbaik. Minyak aura ini biasanya telah dibacakan dengan ayat-ayat Syifa’ atau Ruqyah dari ayat-ayat suci al-Quran dan doa-doa pilihan.

Untuk tips mandi aura yang akan diturunkan seterusnya, penulis menggunakan produk Haruman Luqman. Haruman Luqman merupakan produk pilihan penulis sejak Disember 2014 dan terus setia menggunakannya hingga kini kerana keserasiannya dengan kulit, sistem saraf dan deria penulis.


Bahan-bahan untuk mandi aura :

1. Satu baldi air
2. Satu atau setengah baldi ais batu
3. Tujuh titik minyak Haruman Luqman ( satu atau beberapa jenis haruman )
4. Garam kasar ( pilihan )
5. Hirisan limau purut/limau nipis ( pilihan )

i) Masukkan kesemua ais batu, limau dan garam ke dalam baldi.
ii) Titiskan tujuh titis minyak Haruman Luqman selepas itu.
iii) Gaulkan kesemua tadi dengan pusaran lawan arah jam sambil berselawat. Buat 7 kali pusaran.
iv) Sebelum menjirus air, baca al-Fatihah dan ayat Kursi kemudian hembus ke air dalam gayung.
v) Jirus badan dan kepala sehingga habis air mandian
vi) Ulang mandian 3-5 hari berturut-turut sehingga berasa benar-benar pulih.

Nota : Ini digunakan dalam mandian terakhir. Dalam kes mencampurkan lebih dari satu haruman, setiap sebotol gunakan 7 titik.
Produk yang sesuai dengan keperluan anda boleh diperolehi dalam katalog online di : 

Selamat Mencuba !

Kredit Gambar Produk : Ruzita/Zie Mahmud

Biarkan Sahaja Air Mata Itu Mengalir…


Kredit : Imanimex

Saat sahabat/rakan/ahli keluarga/pasangan anda yang berjiwa halus sedang bersedih dan menangis, biarkan sahaja air mata itu mengalir hingga dia sendiri berhenti menangis atas kemahuannya sendiri.

Jangan pernah berkata, “ Jangan menangis…”, walaupun niat anda untuk mengatakannya itu baik dan murni.

Lebih baik anda mengenggam tangannya… Menawarkan kepadanya dakapan anda agar dia berasa selamat dan terlindung. Dan menggosok-gosok kepalanya ketika dia telah berada dalam dakapan anda. Dan mulut anda tetap diam dari memujuk dan mengatakan, “Jangan menangis…”

Kerana air mata adalah keperluan asasnya, sepertimana kita perlu makan untuk hidup.

Mengatakan ‘Jangan menangis’ samalah seperti menafikan keperluan asasnya.

Air mata itu perlu untuk meneutralkan kesan emosi negatif ke atas jiwanya. Seperti aliran air yang membersihkan kekotoran.

Jika insan berjiwa halus tidak dapat mengalirkan air matanya, dia akan merasa kepedihan yang tidak berpenghujung akibat pendaman emosi negatif mahupun jiwa yang terbeban dengan tekanan/kejutan. Potensi dan anugerah berupa keupayaan mengasihi, menyayangi, melihat orang lain dengan pandangan belas kasih dan memahami sesuatu secara mendalam akan hilang. Daya berfikir, memfokus dan ingatannya jadi berkurangan. Dan dia mula melihat hidup dari pandangan seseorang yang negatif dan pesimistik. Dirinya diisi dengan sifat-sifat dan perwatakan buruk yang seterusnya menjejaskan hubungan dengan orang-orang di sekelilingnya.

Lebih buruk lagi apabila itu menjadi sebab untuk sistem ketahanan badannya menurun dan dia mula dihinggapi penyakit kronik.

Mahukah hal itu terjadi pada orang yang kita kasihi ?

Biarkan sahaja air matanya mengalir, jika anda tidak mahu.