Another Introverts’ Haven 3


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Introverts usually are book lovers and bookstore junkies… There are higher chances to see and meet introverts hanging out or goes shopping in the bookstores than any other places in town.

Another clue that leading me to accept and embrace my introversion is my affliations on bookstores since my childhood. Many introverts admitting that bookstores is among their favorite places.

Quong Ming Bookstore is still in my list of introverts’ havens. This is one of few favorite places in Tawau Town when I was still a resident of Tawau ten years ago. And this bookstore is where my affliation on bookstores started, long before Popular, Times, Harris or the classic Chowrasta Market.

Somehow, my memories with this historical bookstore are mostly associated with stationary and supplies rather than with books. It is still considered introverts’ haven because it has different vibes than any other shopping outlets in the town. It never drained my energy even on the peak days and hours.

It was started in 1985 when this bookstore still operated from the old classic building at Chester Street. My late father brought me there to buy textbooks and workbooks for primary school also some stationery supplies that I need for schooling.


The place where Quong Ming Bookstore was once there. Credit : Azlan Lauddin Martin of Discover Tawau.

Years to come and after been influenced by the some of my classmates, I started to have a soft spot for fancy-designed imported pens, mechanical pencils, letter sets and note books. Most of it came from Taiwan, Japan or Korea. Names like Micro, Bensia, Buncho, Kutsuwa, Flomo, Shinn Jee, Golden Tiger, Flying Eagles are still in my mind until now. Due to the high prices, I got those supplies once in a blue moon, comparing to other girls who were able to buy those brands product frequently as some luxury indulgences.


Taiwan-Originated Sharpener-free Bensia Pencils : The first innovative school supplies I knew after the more expensive mechanical pencils from Japan and South Korea. Somehow I get attracted more on the fine-point ball pens with the same design.
Credit : Pinterest



Fancy Supplies : One of the reasons I have long-time soft spot on Quong Ming Bookstores. Credits :

And when I started to develop an interest for colouring books, Quong Ming Book Stores also a place where my late father bought some cute colouring books for me.

When this bookstores opened their new, modern-designed branch ( now the main outlet ) at Sabindo area, a lot of new items attracted me to it like fancy kids storybooks, fancy bookmarks and ecetera. It has a unique smell of new books’ ‘fragrance’ that spreaded over the air-conditioned chill air which I strangely loved. And Quong Ming simply became the quiet version of Disneyland.


The Second Floor of Quong Ming Bookstore in Sabindo

Credit : Facebook

Quong Ming Bookstore was still my favorite place when I was in Secondary School. This time, my affiliations on fancy stationaries/supplies still went on but it was updated to satisfy the taste of a young adolescent girl. Coloured pens and markers, fancy designed files, stickers and so on. CP or Creative Product was a new local star brand and I developed a longtime fondness on it since its first appearance in the bookstore. The books in my shopping list were always academic reference books or workbooks. Since I have Tawau Public Library membership, I rarely bought storybooks or novels here. Sometimes I bought magazines for both home reading and scrapbooks purpose.

Before closing the post, lets some personal pictures tells their own story…


A cute but rare A4-sized letter pad I bought from Quong Ming Bookstore in somewhere between 2003-2004. I rarely use it except for special purposes…


The tag price behind the same letter pad. It has the correspondence address of the outlet.


Some other surviving fancy items I bought from Quong Ming Bookstore. If they have age like human, they will be around 20-25 years old !

Another Introverts’ Havens…


Credit : Photo by CEphoto, Uwe Aranas

The energy level of an introvert is depending closely to his or her environment. He or she feels more energetic when alone or in 5-6 people small group rather than in the larger group. And introverts has more energy when they are at the places where they feel comfortable or the places that have just the right ambiance.

That’s what I learned from Jane Grennemann of Introvert, Dear and validated by my own personal experiences in various environments/places.

On previous musings posts, I have mentioned Gunting Lagadan Hut ( Series I & II ) as introverts’ haven. This time and from my experiences when I was still a Tawau resident, I can say that Masjid Lama Bandar Tawau or Masjid Jamek Waqaf Ahmad Bin Daeng Mapata is another places that I consider as introverts’ haven.

This historical mosque not only a place for performing the salat fardhu when I worked or have an outing at Bandar Tawau but also a serene place where I both unplugged and recharged myself from all overstimulations I experienced anywhere. The exclusive women area is located at the top floor. There’re a walkway balcony where you can smell the breeze of Laut Sulawesi when the wind blows and to see or photographing some of places in Tawau from comfortably higher view. This mosque is one of the places where I can socialize with people without feeling spacey or experiencing an energy draining from overstimulations. I can went home without collapsing after arriving on my bedroom.

I’m dearly missed this mosque so much after moving out outside Tawau. Doing an outing are always exhausting and energy-draining experiences, unless if I can found a serene place like Masjid Lama Bandar Tawau to pray-to unplug and to recharge.

Meanwhile, it is not unusual to find that the religious and conservative introverts choosing their worship places as their introverts’ haven, no matter what religion they are.

Terima Kasih Warga Discover Tawau !

Sebelum tanggal 12 November 2016, laman blog Suara JiwaHalus diibaratkan seolah-olah hutan Maliau Basin sebelum pemasyhurannya. Senyap sunyi dan amat jarang menerima kunjungan manusia.

Dan tanggal 12 November 2016 merupakan satu tanggal yang mengejutkan bagi tuan tanah laman Suara JiwaHalus apabila menerima kunjungan pelawat yang tidak disangka-sangka jumlahnya.

Berikut adalah carta analisis kunjungan yang dibuat oleh pihak WordPress untuk tarikh tersebut :


Semuanya bermula dengan artikel blog yang dikongsikan pautannya di grup Facebook Discover Tawau. Tajuknya begitu dekat dengan warga Tawau yang alma maternya adalah SMK Kuhara.

Sehingga ke tarikh artikel ini ditulis, pautan berkenaan masih terus menerima ‘like‘ dari ahli dan para pengunjung Discover Tawau.

Dan para pengunjung juga memberi maklumbalas yang begitu memberangsangkan. Melalui para pengunjung jugalah saya mengetahui bahawa pereka grafik yang mereka logo klasik SMK Kuhara ialah Encik Wahid Saat.

Terima kasih buat warga Discover Tawau kerana sudi menjenguk-jenguk dan membaca artikel berkenaan. Artikel tersebut hanya sekadar mengongsikan pendapat peribadi dan peluahan rasa kasih serta rindu kepada alma mater. Mudah-mudahan Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan akan terus mengikuti artikel seterusnya di laman Suara JiwaHalus selepas ini.

Melukis Secara Digital Dengan Microsoft PowerPoint ?


Encik Eddy Sophian Pulle ( kanan ) ketika berziarah ke rumah Encik Azlan Lauddin Martin- salah seorang orang kuat dalam laman Facebook Discover Tawau.

Apabila para ahli komuniti senireka grafik berdiskusi tentang perisian yang digunakan oleh para pelukis digital, nama-nama besar seperti Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Paint Shop Pro, Manga Studio, SAI Paint Tool dan banyak lagi pasti akan terlintas di fikiran. Atau sekurang-kurangnya Krita, GIMP, Inkscape atau Paint.NET yang mampu dimiliki sesiapa kerana kegratisannya. Namun, apabila disebut Microsoft PowerPoint, mungkin ramai yang akan terkesima dan terlopong seketika.

Itulah yang terjadi kepada saya ketika bertanya kepada Encik Eddy Sophian Pulle, seorang pelukis digital yang telah melukis sebahagian dari lukisan-lukisan yang terpampang di laman facebook Discover Tawau. Saya menyangka lukisan digital yang dilukis oleh beliau telah dilukis menggunakan CorelDraw X7, namun jawapan yang saya terima langsung tidak saya duga sama sekali.


Menambah lagi rasa kejut yang sedia ada, lukisan yang dilukis beliau hanya dilukis dengan menggunakan tetikus ! Saya menyangka beliau melukisnya dengan bantuan tablet, seperti lazimnya para pelukis digital, kerana kualiti kerja yang membuat saya terkesima buat berapa ketika.

Masih bekerja di Syarikat Sawit Kinabalu Sendirian Berhad, Encik Eddy mula melukis secara digital secara sambilan sejak tujuh bulan lalu, ketika menyediakan imej illustrasi yang bakal menghiasi buku karangan beliau sendiri. Beliau kurang berpuas hati dengan lukisan illustrasi konvensional yang beliau lukis dengan pensel, lalu mencuba untuk melukis secara digital dengan apa yang ada dalam komputer beliau. Setelah begitu lama berlatih, akhirnya terhasil hasil kerja seperti yang kita lihat di bawah :


Hasil kerja beliau turut menarik perhatian pemilik kedai percetakan tempat beliau mencetak buku karangan beliau, lalu beliau dihadiahkan dengan hasil cetakan salah satu dari lukisan illustrasi yang terdapat pada buku berkenaan.


Lukisan illustrasi yang telah meraih perhatian pemilik kedai percetakan.

Dari satu aspek, beliau memiliki sesuatu yang lazim dimiliki oleh pelukis digital/illustrator profesional, iaitu :

1. Bakat dan kemahiran semulajadi kurniaan Allah Subhanawataala
2. Kesungguhan dalam melatih bakat dan kemahiran yang ada

Dengan adanya hal ini, seorang pelukis digital boleh berjaya di mana-mana peringkat, tak kira perisian apapun yang pelukis tersebut gunakan. Tak kira sama ada menggunakan tetikus atau tablet.

Pada masa akan datang, mudah-mudahan akan ada temuramah secara formal yang bakal menyelami proses kreatif dan aliran kerja beliau, sama ada secara bersemuka atau secara online. Sesungguhnya pengalaman yang saya perolehi ini telah mengubah persepsi saya dan menambahluaskan lagi pengetahuan saya tentang senireka digital.

Banyak lagi lukisan illustrasi Encik Eddy Sophian Pulle boleh disaksikan dalam buku The ESP Story. Anda boleh menghubungi beliau di laman facebook Discover Tawau berkenaan buku tersebut.


Sumber untuk kesemua imej : Discover Tawau