Extraverted Sensation : The Moment Of Truth


Immediately recognized this as the wooden stairway from Laban Rata to Gunting Lagadan Hut. I was here in March 1998. It is easy to appreciate the physical beauty along this way, somehow something quickly took over the joy and my mind started to dwell into other ideas rather than fully enjoying the beauty I met in present moment. Lack of in-the-moment focus made me missing the bird that was located on the tree until the mountain guide or someone else points it out.

Credit : Refflisia Putih

In the previous post of my journey chronicles in embracing INFP as my best-fit type, I have mentioned that Introverted Sensation ( Si ) is the cognitive function that surprisingly lead me to my findings.

Now it’s the time to reveal another Jungian cognitive functions that confirms INFP as my best type.

It is Extraverted Sensation ( Se ), the opposite of Si.

Heidi Pribe of Thought Catalog describing Se in an easy way to understand :

“ Extroverted sensing is focused on taking in the world as it exists in the present moment. It is highly in tune with the sights, smells, sounds and general physical stimulus that surrounds it. Extroverted sensing lives and thrives in the moment, more so than any other function.”


In individual with INFP as their best type, Extraverted Sensation ( Se ) is located in the bottom 4 functions. It is located at the 7th position. Dr. John Beebe named and associating this position with an archetype named The Trickster.


There’re many version of trickster archetype in fictional stories are available to choose from. Somehow I prefer Reynard The Fox to be portrayed inside my post.

Here are an explaination from Eric B explaining about The Trickster from his website. Somehow, it gives me a dizziness bout just for digesting the meaning. However I am still putting it right here for some good reasons that are still unknown to myself.

“ Emotions connected with that of a bad child; either dealing with one, playing tricks and binding the ego, or then being one to get back at or rebel against the threat, will often come through the perspective. Where the Puer tells us what we want to hear, the Trickster tells us what we don’t want to hear! We feel “bound”, and then, in a rebellious fashion, try to turn the tables by using it for deceiving, double-binding, trapping others.”


Giving you a dizziness to understand it, don’t you ?

To make it simple, The Trickster fools you to take something and perceive it as something else. And always influencing you in making rebellious children-like rushing decisions that not deserved to be taken seriously and you will regret later on if you follow it. Somehow, it is also brings a sense of humour. In the healthier manner, you can point out how or why someone or something is logically silly or appear like silly. On the other hand, on the social or professional settings, people can also use The Trickster to trip you as well or vice versa.

For INFP-preference individuals, that is means their experience with Se is getting distracted easily when having real-time, in the moment sensory experience. Either their mind wandering into the past or the future, while their physical body still staying in the moment presence. Or external stimulations is the main source that distracts their focus on something. Or always missing the details unless struggling to stay in focus while working on something that needs attention to details. Or maybe a strong tendency of experiencing pareidolia as a enjoyable way of laughing at themselves.

In my case, Se as The Trickster manifested in several ways. For example :

1. My trip to Mount Kinabalu in 1998 is one of the many moments that helped me to recognized how The Trickster manifests itself. How many times it was appeared as the distractions along my hiking journey. Still able to enjoy the beauty of nature but the focus was quickly get diverted into thoughts, nostalgias or day-dreamings. I missed to witness the existence of the near-dry Carson Falls, honestly, in that process. Or simply missed the sacrificing pool near St John’ Peak during the summit attack phase.

Somehow, at that moment Mount Kinabalu also under the influence of the worst El Nino phenomenon in Malaysian history, and most of the iconic plants and herbs were died, and I don’t mind of not seeing them all along the trail.

2. Ops, I used to have a laughable dressing/fashion sense. Many times I wore something that not flatter myself. I was appeared too old, too short or fat. Or appeared silly or boring. Or appeared meek and weak.

One of the factors I failed to win job interviews in the past is because my dressing sense was not impressing or appealing to the interviewers at all. I thought that by dressing like this and like that, I appeared as strong and as powerful job candidate. Somehow, in reality it was not. When I look back at those experience, yes they are simply laughable. I have no choice but to listen to the person who knows better about the style and colours that are in harmony to my natural appearance but not violating Muslims’ dressing code at the same time.

3. Having issue with proof-reading my own writing. Honestly I have to re-edit my blog posts or Facebook status or Facebook responses again and again, several times after straight away posting it online, because I tend to miss many typos and errors. I thought I have seen them all, but when I re-read my own posts online, I’m usually found typos or grammatical errors in it.

4. External stimuli is the main source of distraction when I’m going into creative process of writing something. From my own past experience, I can’t resist the external distractions when I went inside my inner world to get ideas and inspirations. When the distraction sources brought me out to the external world, my creative process got interrupted. Original ideas may either no longer staying just as it is or simply gone for good, when I returned again to the inner world of creativity. As a result, it leads to procrastinations or suspensions of working on creative writing material. Somehow, I am still okay with it most of the time because the new idea that came later on usually getting better than the original one.

5. Honestly I know that my Se is fooling around at me when I misidentified these images as something else at the first glance and it made me smiling or giggling at myself.


Unless I’m looking closely and meticulously at this picture, I’ll always perceive the sleeping cat and the orange as a fried egg !

Credit : metro.co.uk


A confused face looking at me. Seriously hillarious alarm clock.

Credit : themarysue.com


Froth or Frog ? I see a frog having a glance at me, honestly and almost forgetting that this is just a cup of cappucino…

Credit : likecool.com

By sharing this, hopefully I can help someone to understand how Se works as The Trickster.

Note : Dr Linda Berens from Linda Berens Institute give another view upon Beebe’s model. I understands Beebe’s model even better with her point of view, even though the model example that was used in the article below is INFJ-preference.



Tudung Mana Yang Lebih Sesuai Dipakai Ketika Mendaki Gunung Kinabalu ?


Penulis berasa terpanggil untuk menulis topik ini selepas Nike melancarkan tudung sportifnya baru-baru ini dan juga kerana timbulnya persoalan tentang jenis tudung yang sesuai dipakai untuk aktiviti hiking/mendaki gunung di sebuah kumpulan diskusi di Facebook.

Dalam memilih tudung yang sesuai, kita kena tahu ke mana kita akan pergi hiking/mendaki gunung. Segalanya bergantung kepada altitud dan cuaca, kerana altitud dan cuaca akan menentukan jenis fabrik yang lebih sesuai.

Untuk naik ke Gunung Kinabalu, lebih-lebih lagi pada peringkat ke-2 ( dari Panalaban/Laban Rata ke Puncak Low ), penulis menyarankan untuk memakai Tudung Turki dari jenis fabrik bukan satin. Kainnya menghampiri tekstur kain Kefiyyeh ( kain serban Palestine ) atau Pashmina tapi jauh lebih tebal. Tudung ini boleh menahan cuaca sejuk dengan baik berbanding tudung jenis lain. Selain itu Tudung Turki jenis ini juga low maintainance ( tidak perlu diseterika selalu ) dan kita tidak akan berasa was-was akibat khuatir orang lain akan ternampak bentuk telinga kita.


Tudung Turki yang sama jenis fabriknya dengan tudung yang dipakai penulis sewaktu mendaki Gunung Kinabalu. Apakah masih ada di pasaran pada hari ini ?

Tudung Turki yang asli dibuat di Turki dan dibuat khusus untuk digunakan dalam cuaca sejuk. Ia nyaman dan sejuk apabila dipakai pada musim panas dan nyaman hangat apabila dipakai pada musim sejuk.

Setakat ini, berdasarkan pengalaman tunggal berada di Gunung Kinabalu pada hujung-hujung Mac 1998, penulis tidak berasa sejuk di bahagian kepala, tengkuk, leher dan telinga melainkan pada bahagian muka yang terdedah pada angin sejuk. Penulis hanya memakai dua tudung dalam yang agak tipis, serta dua lapis Tudung Turki. Tidak perlu memakai sebarang topi musim sejuk mahupun menggunakan hoodie pada windbreaker sebagai penebat tambahan.


Kain Keffiyeh asli. Perhatikan tekstur dan ketebalan fabriknya.

Mudah-mudahan tips ini dapat membantu para pendaki Muslimah yang berhasrat mendaki Gunung Kinabalu.

Aura Pengasih Untuk Si Introvert Berjiwa Halus


Sungguhpun peristiwa burnout yang menimpa penulis beberapa tahun dahulu amat menyakitkan hingga penulis tidak bermaya luar dan dalam jadinya, ia tetap ada hikmahnya yang tersendiri…

Penulis mula mempelajari sesuatu tentang diri penulis sendiri lalu berusaha mencari solusinya.

Perkara utama yang penulis sedari adalah : Asal sahaja selesai menulis kerja-kerja menulis, penulis lebih mudah jatuh sakit dan memerlukan tempoh rehat yang lama. Hal tersebut menganggu proses kreatif dan daya produktiviti dalam berkarya.

Proses kreatif dan kerja-kerja menulis menggunakan banyak tenaga dalaman, dalam keadaan tersebut aura tenaga tubuh boleh terkuras seumpama bateri yang kian kehabisan sumber tenaga elektrik.

Berdasarkan pengalaman yang lalu, perkara tersebut menjejaskan sistem ketahanan badan penulis sendiri.

Dalam keadaan seperti itu, diri mana-mana individu yang mengalami keadaan tersebut berisiko tinggi untuk mendapat gangguan spiritual.

Selepas membuat ujian Highly Sensitive Person ( baca : HSP ) oleh Dr. Elaine Aron, penulis juga menyedari yang diri penulis juga tergolong dalam individu HSP. Seperkara yang dialami oleh individu HSP adalah sistem sarafnya mengalami introvert/sensory overload apabila mengalami rangsangan lampau dari persekitaran.

Sejak menyedari hal tersebut, penulis berjinak-jinak dengan kaedah mandi aura/mandi bunga yang ternyata berjaya memulihkan kesegaran tubuh dengan izin Allah jua.

Pelbagai cara dan produk mandi aura telah dicuba untuk mengekalkan tenaga dalaman.

Namun, disebabkan tugasan penulisan yang kian berat dan mencabar sejak akhir-akhir ini, penulis menggunakan produk Aura Pengasih yang kian mendapat tempat di kalangan warga laman sosial kebelakangan ini. Dan hasil penulisan ini dirumuskan berdasarkan penggunaan produk ini selama 7 hari berturut-turut dengan 2 kali mandian pada setiap hari.


Berikut pengalaman penulis memakai produk Aura Pengasih :

Hari Pertama : Sakit kepala. Menurut Cikpuan Ikin-wakil jualan produk yang berurusan dengan penulis, ini dikatakan tindak balas yang biasa apabila tubuh sedang berkerja membuang energi negatif. Apa yang penulis fahami, energi negatif ini mungkin datang dari dalam diri sendiri mahupun diserap dari individu beraura negatif di sekeliling kita. Atau mungkin tubuh penulis sedang membuang kesan serangan psikik yang berlaku tanpa disedari.

Hari Kedua : Sakit kepala berkurangan.

Hari Ketiga : Tubuh rasa lebih segar. Rasa mengantuk dan letih pada waktu siang yang sering menimpa penulis sebelum ini semakin hilang. Mood bagai roller-coaster juga semakin berkurangan. Keadaan introvert/sensory overload yang terjadi sebelumnya juga berkurangan.

Hari Ketujuh : Tubuh berasa sihat dan kuat. Banyak hal-hal positif terjadi di sekeliling penulis dan penulis lebih bersemangat untuk berkarya di blog.

Hari Ke-13 : Aktiviti outing di bandar. Keadaan introvert/sensory overload akibat berada di tempat ramai orang semakin berkurangan. Seperti berada dalam protection bubble yang kalis serangan psikik. Sakit kepala akibat introvert overload semakin berkurangan. Lazimnya penulis pulang ke rumah dalam keadaan letih setiap kali pulang dari aktiviti outing, namun kali ini rasa letih tidak terasa sama sekali.

Untuk mendapat kesan sebegini, penulis menambah air sejuk berais atau ketulan ais ke dalam air mandian yang dicampur dengan 7 titik Aura Pengasih bermula pada hari keempat. Namun, hanya individu yang tidak bermasalah apabila mandi air sejuk sahaja disarankan mengikuti petua ini.

Selepas mendapat keputusan sebegini, penulis menyarankan penggunaan Aura Pengasih bagi individu HSP atau introvert untuk mengurangkan gejala-gejala yang timbul akibat rangsangan lampau.

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INFP And Loving Rain


Honestly I want to write about this since 2015, somehow things not really falling into places when I started to write it. And so all the ideas still stays inside my heart and mind.

Suddenly this year, I have a hunch to write about INFP and loving-rain tendency again after reading an article written by Marko, an INFJ and a columnist in Introvert Spring website. I think fellow INFPs also want something similar but related to us for an enjoyable self-discovery reading, just like that INFJ-related article. So I’m willing to share my personal experience about loving rain.

Disclaimer : This is maybe not true to some INFPs, just a kind of sharing my personal experiences so that I can help the others to find their true type.

In my context, petrichor or the special fragrance that released by the soil during the first rainfall is the main reason I love rain. That special fresh fragrance penetrating my smelling sense, and few moments later I felt oddly disconnected from the reality. Travelling from here and now reality to another time-space named the beautiful past. I feel like I am that carefree little girl again, who enjoyed the freshness and the coolness of the surrounding air beside Persiaran Traulsen* after enduring an uncomfortably hot and humid mid-day. The sky was grey in colour and a bit darker than before, but to her it was always does not mean sadness and tragic. That little girl has learned from the previous rainy day experience, how is romantic and blithe looks like before learning and knowing the meaning of that two words, and connecting it with her personal experiences. By being her once more, I am forgetting the stressful things that made me feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated, so immersed in the joy as long as I can before being jolted to entire body when someone touching my shoulder or calling my name.


The smell of rainfall not only awakening the beautiful memories of enjoying rainfalls in my childhood but also rainfall-related beautiful memories happened in some other time in my past.

In Jungian 8-Cognitive Functions model concept, it is my Introverted Sensing (Si) function that was in action at that time. The sensory experience ( the smell of the rainfalls ) brought back emotional memories of the past that are filtered through the simple mind and heart of a child, as Ken Cerney have explained in his blog post.

Rainfall is not only a moment when I am immersed in the nostalgia of the past, but another essential clue that leads me to embrace INFP as my best-fit Jungian Type.

* Persiaran Traulsen- A famous esplanade in Tawau Town, Sabah.


Ada Apa Dengan Orang Timah ?


Kredit : Pinterest 

Buku ‘Jalan Ke Bandar Zamrud’ dari Ladybird Books merupakan buku cerita pertama yang arwah bapa penulis belikan sewaktu kami pertama kali mengunjungi bangunan baharu Quong Ming Bookstore pada sekitar tahun 1987. Buku ini sebenarnya diterjemahkan ke Bahasa Melayu dari versi asalnya yang berjudul The Wizard Of Oz yang dikeluarkan oleh penerbit yang sama.

Antara banyak-banyak koleksi buku yang ada di Quong Ming Bookstore, buku ini menjadi pilihan hati.


Buku versi asal dijual di kedai buku atas talian.

Pada waktu itu penulis hanya mampu merasai keseronokan menghayati perjalanan Dorothy bersama tiga rakan yang ditemui di sepanjang perjalanan untuk mencari ahli silap mata di Bandar Zamrud alias Kota Oz demi menyelesaikan dilema yang mereka hadapi. Penulis masih tidak tahu akan adanya makna simbolik atau makna tersirat di sebalik kewujudan empat watak utama dalam cerita ini.

Lebih kurang 28 tahun berlalu, barulah penulis mengetahui makna tersirat di sebalik cerita kanak-kanak yang begitu ringkas tapi menghiburkan ini. Apabila mula berjinak-jinak dengan konsep kendiri dan ilmu pengetahuan tentang perwatakan manusia, penulis menyedari bahawa pembelian buku tersebut bukan lagi kebetulan tapi suatu suratan yang telah ditentukan untuk menyediakan diri mempelajari sesuatu yang berharga di masa akan datang.

Empat watak utama cerita ini- Dorothy, Singa Penakut, Orang Jerami dan Orang Timah- dikatakan mewakili 4 jenis watak manusia yang paling asas yang telah diperkenalkan oleh Hippocrates pada 400 tahun sebelum Masehi. Dalam Bahasa Inggeris ia dikenali sebagai The 4 Temperaments dan mempunyai 4 istilah- Sanguine, Phelgmatic, Choleric dan Melancholic.

The 4 Temperaments adalah asas kepada ilmu pengkajian watak manusia di dunia Barat. Bahkan ia masih dipakai oleh sebahagian dari pakar psikologi pada zaman ini. Yang paling terkenal adalah Dr. David Keirsey dan anak muridnya Dr. Linda Berens. Dr David Keirsey mengguna-pakai The 4 Temparaments namun menggunakan istilah Artisan, Guardian, Rational dan Idealist. Dr. Linda Berens yang mengarang buku Understanding Yourself and Others: An Introduction to the 4 Temperaments, juga menggunakan sistem kuno ini untuk mengkelaskan watak manusia dan menggunakan istilah Improviser, Catalyst, Theorist dan Stabilizer. Untuk yang selanjutnya, penulis akan menggunakan istilah dari Dr Linda Berens.

Kembali kepada cerita Jalan Ke Bandar Zamrud, empat watak dalam cerita ini dikatakan mewakili 4 watak manusia yang bergelut dengan kepincangan dalaman diri mereka. Mereka berasa tidak dapat berfungsi dalam masyarakat akibat kepincangan tersebut lalu mengembara untuk mencari kembali diri mereka yang sebenar demi mengatasi kepincangan yang mereka alami. Dorothy dikatakan mewakili manusia dalam kategori Stabiliser yang hilang rasa percaya, selamat dan kestabilan akibat institusi keluarga atau masyarakat yang musnah ( simboliknya terletak pada rumah keluarganya yang musnah akibat puting beliung dan terpisahnya Dorothy dari keluarganya dengan jarak yang sebegitu jauh selepas puting beliung menerbangkan dia dan anjing kecilnya, Toto yang sedang berada di dalam rumah ). Manakala Singa Penakut yang ketiadaan rasa berani dikatakan mewakili kategori Improviser yang hilang keberanian untuk bertindak dengan tindakan yang bermanfaat bagi diri mereka dan orang lain. Orang Jerami yang tiada otak pula pula mewakili golongan Theorist yang hilang daya intelek untuk memberi idea-idea bernas berupa teori-teori yang boleh menyelesaikan masalah dalam kehidupan seharian dirinya dan masyarakat.

Dan ada apa dengan Orang Timah ?


Jawapan kepada soalan ini menjadi titik fokus tulisan hari ini, kerana ia sesuatu yang berkaitan dengan individu INFP sekaligus diri penulis sendiri serta beberapa individu di persekitaran penulis. Kerana Dr David Keirsey dan Dr Linda Berens telah memasukkan INFP dalam kategori Catalyst.

Untuk mengetahui makna simbolik yang dibawa oleh Orang Timah, kita perlu mengetahui peranan semulajadi yang dimainkan oleh kategori Catalyst dalam masyarakat dan apa yang menjadi penghalang kepada mereka untuk memainkan peranan tersebut.

Bakat utama individu dalam kumpulan Catalyst adalah pada pembangunan insan atau ‘memanusiakan manusia’. Mereka membantu individu yang lain mencari identiti diri dan misi hidup masing-masing dengan memulakan sendiri misi pencarian diri mereka sendiri, dan kejayaan mereka dalam misi pencarian tersebut menjadi sumber inspirasi kepada orang lain untuk membangunkan diri sendiri dan memenuhi potensi diri yang ada sejak azali. Kekuatan mereka terletak pada intuisi dan emosi.

Mereka cenderung kepada keharmonian dalam hubungan sesama manusia dan mereka manusia yang mahu mengerti orang-orang yang berada di sekitarnya. Mereka telus dan jujur serta bencikan kepura-puraan. Mereka juga bukan individu materialistik. Mereka lebih mementingkan hal-hal yang bersifat maknawi berbanding yang bersifat materi mahupun harfiah. Bahasa yang mereka gunakan dihiasi dengan unsur-unsur perlambangan yang perlukan pentakwilan dan mereka juga suka mentakwil simbol-simbol dan makna di sekeliling mereka demi memperolehi pemahaman dan pengertian.

Individu dalam kumpulan Catalyst sangat terganggu dengan konflik dalam perhubungan dan sesuatu yang mendera emosi mereka.

Jika anda memperhatikan Orang Timah dengan teliti, anda mungkin dapat melihat yang tubuh Orang Timah ini terbina dari logam yang lebih keras dan kebal, bukannya gabungan tulang, kulit dan otot yang mudah luka bila ditusuk benda tajam.

Apa maknanya itu ?

Orang Timah adalah perlambangan kepada individu dari kumpulan Catalyst yang pincang dalaman. Orang Timah mencari Ahli Silap Mata Bandar Zamrud kerana mahukan hatinya dikembalikan semula.

Apabila individu dalam kumpulan Catalyst terluka hatinya ( baca : emosi ), mereka membina tembok sempadan antara diri mereka dengan orang lain demi mengelakkan hatinya dari terus terluka. Namun tembok yang sama juga menghalang mereka untuk mengasihi dan dikasihi- keperluan emosi yang mereka amat perlukan.

Bila keperluan emosi mereka tidak terpenuhkan, perkembangan potensi dan sumbangan bakat semulajadi mereka kepada masyarakat juga terbantut. Segala rajuk, luka lara, hampa kecewa dan pelbagai lagi berpadu menjadi kebencian dan dendam kesumat yang meracun hati. Akhirnya, jauh di dalam mereka pun mati walaupun kelihatan masih hidup di mata orang.

Penulis menyedari sesuatu dan mempelajari sesuatu. Jangan pernah takut untuk terluka atau kecewa, tetapi orang yang bijaksana tidak akan dipatuk dua kali dari lubang yang sama.

Sesungguhnya selepas 28 tahun berlalu, baru penulis menyedari bahawa pembelian buku ‘Jalan Ke Bandar Zamrud’ pada waktu itu ternyata suatu suratan yang telah tertulis untuk menyediakan penulis mempelajari sesuatu yang bermakna di hari muka. Di dunia ini, sebenarnya tiada satupun yang terjadi secara kebetulan.

Bacaan Lanjut :

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3. http://goodlifezen.com/what-is-your-temperament/

Intraverted Sensation : The Main Reason For Embracing INFP Preferences.


Credit : RuQayya Make Up

Honestly, I never taken official MBTI test. Online ‘MBTI’ tests always showing that I tend to have INFP preferences. Honestly, I have doubts and dispute about it many times. Sometimes I think I’m more an INFJ and sometimes I’m thinking that I’m more to ENFP.

But why I’m still thinking that INFP is my best true type and embrace it ?

I got the courage after reading and knowing Beebe’s 8 functions model approach to Type Dynamics that based on the work of Carl Jung. And so grateful to read materials that were written by Vicky Jo Varner and Ken Cerney- a man with INFP as his true type. And so, quickly recognizing the things that their wrote in my own personal tendencies.

Honestly, Intraverted Sensation ( Si ) is the function that surprisingly lead me to my findings. When I found out about this one, I started to see how the other functions appears in my life. And so far they are so true !

In the case of a person of with INFP true type, Si is located on the third function. In Beebe’s Jungian 8 Function model, the third function is called either Puer, Puella or Eternal Child. That is means my Si is ranked the third on Top 4 functions ( the 4 natural functions ).

Introverted Sensing isn’t simply about remembering something; it’s about recalling an experience in every way — actually re-living it as if it is happening again for the first time.”, Vicky Jo Varner explaining something significant about Si in her website infjorinfp.com. When Si is ranked the third in Top 4 functions, the recalling experience has an innocent, fresh and childlike quality. That is also means I have an emotional relief by enjoying the nostalgia of sweet memories, especially my childhood memories as an easiest way to retreat from stressful life trials.

This is very true in many cases, I’ll be glad to share several of them in this post :

1. The strong emotional attachment with the past.

2. The tendency of visiting the same places frequently

3. Any present sensory experiences always re-living the past experiences.

4. It’s so hard to throw away old stuff.

5. My frame of reference begin with yesterday then comparing with what had changed now…


Credit : Nurul Najwa

1. The strong emotional attachment with the past.

Honestly I have a tendency of spending time dwelling on Memory Lane. That leads me to the tendency of enjoying telling tales from the past – writing it either in flashback technique or a la memoir. Some of the frequent followers of this blog or fellow members of certain Facebook groups will realized and noted this personal tendency from the content of my blog posts.

2. The tendency of visiting the same places frequently

I have this tendency and realized it simply by realizing that I still have a strong desire to re-hike Mount Kinabalu, even after the tragic earthquake that shook Sabah at June 5th 2015. By doing a re-hiking someday in the future, hopefully I can let my mind mesmerizing the sweet memories from previous hiking experience. Honestly, I have the same tendency during my first hiking in 1998. At that time, witnessing the beauty of it in when walking through the jungle and alpine rocks trail reminded me of my childhood dream that sparked after watching a documentary about Mount Kinabalu that was aired on TV Pendidikan.

It is not happened only to Mount Kinabalu but some other places including Tawau-my adopted hometown for 19 years.

3. Any present sensory experiences always re-living the past experiences.

The smell of rainfall or any sensory experiences in the present time awakening the beautiful memories either in my childhood or some other time in my past. I’ll not eleborate this because I’ll plan to develop a single blog post about INFP and the affiliations towards rainfalls in the future which are related to this.

4. It’s so hard to throw away old stuff.

Lets this picture telling the truth.


Some of you may have seen this on another blog post. For the newcomers, this is simply some of many memorabilias from my pasts that survived years of decluttering processes. They have age range from 20-25 years old or maybe older than that.

Honestly, I have difficulties of doing decluttering because of strong emotional attachments with old things that remind me of those good old days.

5. My frame of reference begin with yesterday then comparing with what had changed now.

I did realized about this when I have mini school reunions with my ex-classmates twice. When I saw my ex-classmates, I can’t help from comparing what I did saw just now with the mental images I have in my memory, and I feel an astonising wow with every findings.

Having Si as the third functions also means I am sensitive and aware that something is going on with my body, including my inner feelings/mood. It can appear as illness, allergies or pains.

For this blog post however I’ll not including the dark side of having Si as the third natural function even though I know how true it is. Anyone can have a further reading on all or any links that enclosed below to explore that ‘dark side’.


Doraemon’s Time Machine : This is a how Si or Introverted Sense as Puer, Puella or Eternal Child make sense to me.

Credit : Muhamad Ali Hanafiah

Further reading :

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