Another Introverts’ Haven 3


Credit : eTawau

Introverts usually are book lovers and bookstore junkies… There are higher chances to see and meet introverts hanging out or goes shopping in the bookstores than any other places in town.

Another clue that leading me to accept and embrace my introversion is my affliations on bookstores since my childhood. Many introverts admitting that bookstores is among their favorite places.

Quong Ming Bookstore is still in my list of introverts’ havens. This is one of few favorite places in Tawau Town when I was still a resident of Tawau ten years ago. And this bookstore is where my affliation on bookstores started, long before Popular, Times, Harris or the classic Chowrasta Market.

Somehow, my memories with this historical bookstore are mostly associated with stationary and supplies rather than with books. It is still considered introverts’ haven because it has different vibes than any other shopping outlets in the town. It never drained my energy even on the peak days and hours.

It was started in 1985 when this bookstore still operated from the old classic building at Chester Street. My late father brought me there to buy textbooks and workbooks for primary school also some stationery supplies that I need for schooling.


The place where Quong Ming Bookstore was once there. Credit : Azlan Lauddin Martin of Discover Tawau.

Years to come and after been influenced by the some of my classmates, I started to have a soft spot for fancy-designed imported pens, mechanical pencils, letter sets and note books. Most of it came from Taiwan, Japan or Korea. Names like Micro, Bensia, Buncho, Kutsuwa, Flomo, Shinn Jee, Golden Tiger, Flying Eagles are still in my mind until now. Due to the high prices, I got those supplies once in a blue moon, comparing to other girls who were able to buy those brands product frequently as some luxury indulgences.


Taiwan-Originated Sharpener-free Bensia Pencils : The first innovative school supplies I knew after the more expensive mechanical pencils from Japan and South Korea. Somehow I get attracted more on the fine-point ball pens with the same design.
Credit : Pinterest



Fancy Supplies : One of the reasons I have long-time soft spot on Quong Ming Bookstores. Credits :

And when I started to develop an interest for colouring books, Quong Ming Book Stores also a place where my late father bought some cute colouring books for me.

When this bookstores opened their new, modern-designed branch ( now the main outlet ) at Sabindo area, a lot of new items attracted me to it like fancy kids storybooks, fancy bookmarks and ecetera. It has a unique smell of new books’ ‘fragrance’ that spreaded over the air-conditioned chill air which I strangely loved. And Quong Ming simply became the quiet version of Disneyland.


The Second Floor of Quong Ming Bookstore in Sabindo

Credit : Facebook

Quong Ming Bookstore was still my favorite place when I was in Secondary School. This time, my affiliations on fancy stationaries/supplies still went on but it was updated to satisfy the taste of a young adolescent girl. Coloured pens and markers, fancy designed files, stickers and so on. CP or Creative Product was a new local star brand and I developed a longtime fondness on it since its first appearance in the bookstore. The books in my shopping list were always academic reference books or workbooks. Since I have Tawau Public Library membership, I rarely bought storybooks or novels here. Sometimes I bought magazines for both home reading and scrapbooks purpose.

Before closing the post, lets some personal pictures tells their own story…


A cute but rare A4-sized letter pad I bought from Quong Ming Bookstore in somewhere between 2003-2004. I rarely use it except for special purposes…


The tag price behind the same letter pad. It has the correspondence address of the outlet.


Some other surviving fancy items I bought from Quong Ming Bookstore. If they have age like human, they will be around 20-25 years old !


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