Another Introverts’ Haven II


Kredit : Photo by CEphoto, Uwe Aranas / CC-BY-SA-3.0

One of the essential clue that made me realize of my introvert nature is my affiliation on libraries.

And I consider Tawau Public Library as another introverts’ haven.

I spent most of my adolescent period in Tawau. During that period, Tawau Public Library was among my favorite outlets during my solo outings in Saturday. And I consider that as the best days that I have, since I recognized adolescent time as typically and naturally the most difficult time for introverted HSP individuals and Saturdays are the best time for me to recharge and unplug myself.

And the cost for doing a solo introvert outing in Tawau around 1990s was basically less than RM10- that includes bus fares, a plate of Nasi Bambong or Bihun Goreng with an egg, and not forget some little fancy stationery stuff from either Quong Ming Bookstores or exclusive gift shops in Tawau occasionally.

I started to be a library-goer since the second half of 1992, when Tawau Public Library was still located in Wisma Pelabuhan-that in opposite of Padang Bandaran Tawau. During that time, I was just borrowing books from the library for home-reading. Somehow, I was only started to do hours-long stay in the library- for an exclusive studying experience- in 1993, after receiving influences from fellow friends and my longing for a place where I can concentrate on my study without being overwhelmed by overstimulations. When Tawau Public Library was moved to its own beautiful building at Sabindo area around the end of 1993, my Saturday outing-studying routine also started to have some elements of ‘guilty pleasures’ in it. And I even came to the library occasionally on weekdays during SPM season.


Somewhere on Reference & Informations Section on the first floor. This is the place where I was doing my exclusive solo studying session. Somehow this is not my favorite spot since I can’t study privately. But what can I choose when I came at the peak day of the week ? Anyway it was a lot better to study critical subjects right here than studying in a noisy home with lots of distractions, when you are not afford to pay that expensive tuition class tutor fees.

Credit : Foursquare

This new location and building allowed me to have my best ‘me time’ when felt overwhelmed by multiple stimulations. Saturday was considered as the peak day of the week-students from various schools of Tawau came to flood the Library for many good reasons. When I was simply get overwhelmed by some overloads on my nervous system,  I chose to have a simple decompression by looking at beautiful Sulawesi Sea view either from the unique round windows of reading section or just simply went out from the building, crossing the road and went to Persiaran Traulsen esplanade behind it. Or just simply sitting down and looking at the beautiful plants in the beautiful garden inside the building.

My decision to have a exclusive Saturday studying sessions in this library is one of the reasons for my fateful results in both PMR and SPM examinations.


Another Place On The Same Building: Reading Section area of Tawau Public Library. Also my favorite place where I borrowed some ‘good foods’ for mind and heart.

Credit : Foursquare

And Tawau Public Library is the place where my passions for writing ( not surprisingly one of introverts’ favorite activity ) blossomed. I borrowed and read some best books from this place and the big name like Anwar Ridhwan ( Dato’ ), Shahnon Ahmad ( Dato’ ), Arenawati ( Allahyarham ), Othman Puteh ( Allahyarham ), Hashida Sugako, Pandir Kelana, Pearl S. Buck, Freddy. S, Elie Wiesel, Khairuddin Ayip, Mohd. Ismail Sarbini ( Allahyarham ), Mokjamos and much more staying in my heart and mind from then till now. The authors of those books had a huge contributions in what I am today and what have you read in this blog.

Even though I’m no longer a Tawau resident, my affiliation for libraries is remain until this day…


One of my favorite books during my adolescene days and I never know this good book is existed if I never came to Tawau Public Library. A Japanese to Malay translation book written that told me about a true story of Totto-Chan, a Japanese girl who attend Tomoe Gakuen, an unique elementary school which was so different from the mainstream education system on pre-WWII era. This unique school was built from an old train coach and Totto-Chan schooling experiences wouldn’t be the same again after attending Tomoe Gakuen.

Credit : Facebook

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