Another Introverts’ Havens…


Credit : Photo by CEphoto, Uwe Aranas

The energy level of an introvert is depending closely to his or her environment. He or she feels more energetic when alone or in 5-6 people small group rather than in the larger group. And introverts has more energy when they are at the places where they feel comfortable or the places that have just the right ambiance.

That’s what I learned from Jane Grennemann of Introvert, Dear and validated by my own personal experiences in various environments/places.

On previous musings posts, I have mentioned Gunting Lagadan Hut ( Series I & II ) as introverts’ haven. This time and from my experiences when I was still a Tawau resident, I can say that Masjid Lama Bandar Tawau or Masjid Jamek Waqaf Ahmad Bin Daeng Mapata is another places that I consider as introverts’ haven.

This historical mosque not only a place for performing the salat fardhu when I worked or have an outing at Bandar Tawau but also a serene place where I both unplugged and recharged myself from all overstimulations I experienced anywhere. The exclusive women area is located at the top floor. There’re a walkway balcony where you can smell the breeze of Laut Sulawesi when the wind blows and to see or photographing some of places in Tawau from comfortably higher view. This mosque is one of the places where I can socialize with people without feeling spacey or experiencing an energy draining from overstimulations. I can went home without collapsing after arriving on my bedroom.

I’m dearly missed this mosque so much after moving out outside Tawau. Doing an outing are always exhausting and energy-draining experiences, unless if I can found a serene place like Masjid Lama Bandar Tawau to pray-to unplug and to recharge.

Meanwhile, it is not unusual to find that the religious and conservative introverts choosing their worship places as their introverts’ haven, no matter what religion they are.


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