Lovely Notes To Anggerek Ungu


Note : The drive to write a creative writing works came back. This is simply a creative writing work in a form of an informal email notes from a good high school friend to another good high school friend who is separated by thousand miles distance. This lovely notes based on a theme/topic that very familiar to us nowadays. Simply airing a thought about social media and friendship, from Highly Sensitive Person’s point of view.


Dear Anggerek Ungu,

Thanks for the concerns. I’m sorry that you’re so worrying that something may have happened to me. Hopefully this email reply can give you the certain answer and you can feel good again, In Sha Allah. Actually, I never block you in Facebook at all. I’m just simply deactivate my Facebook account, perhaps, for around two weeks time. You can check your Facebook Messenger, if you have one. I’m still there. We can set an appropriate time to chat or simply leave a message for me to read it later, if you really missing me so much or there’re any good news you wanted to share.

I’m simply needing and wanting some unplugging time. To recharge and saving my own energy. Be more calm and relax. So that I can keep myself sane and keep enjoying the good relationships with other people.

We both know that I have a sensitive nervous system that can be easily overwhelmed by overstimulations. And lately, I found out that I can’t handle news feedbacks from friends and acquaintances well, even though the things that they posted were positive stuff.

There’re something more…

Anggerek, I’m actually respecting their right to post the things they want to post on their own wall and happy to know good things happening on them, while on the same time I want to stay away from the things that tempting and pushing me to value my self-worth based on salary numbers, material possessions, numbers in my bank account and so and so. Valuing ourselves based on that kind of measurement only creating negative and unhealthy outcomes, my friend… Inside and out for sure.

That’s all for now. Stay calm and relax…


Hugs !

Melati Putih


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