Gunting Lagadan Hut In Memory 2


Mount Kinabalu ( and so its mountain huts ) is an introverts’ haven that perfect both for the physical adventures and mutual soul-searchings. Somehow this modest, cozy hut is now a history.

Credit : Refflisia Putih

The memory of staying in Gunting Lagadan Hut in 1998 resurfaced once more after finishing the simple personality test in Quiet Revolution website last week.


This personality test is not something equals to et. al. ‘just for fun’ quiz. We have to be honest with our answers because our answers will simply serving as the gate to know more about ourselves.

A year before, my results for the same test was ‘ambivert’ even though I tend to be more introverted due to the intense and dramatic maturing process happened since 2012, so this year’s results is somekind of jaw-dropping surprises for myself.

Because I thought that introverts are classically taciturn per se, non-talker type, while I can be somekind like Dato Seri Vida Qu Puteh’s type of person in public settings.

Then the mesmerizing memories of living in Gunting Lagadan Hut re-appeared to validate the current results. The second time test was done just after reuniting with those memories, embracing and honouring it few months before. Those beautiful experiences were brutally honest in telling something about myself.


“ Solitude Is Beautiful, Quiet Does Not Mean Boring.”

The ethereal beauty of quiet, foggy evening in Panar Laban. Some people may find this picture contains sadness- an emotion that we prefer to dodge- and felt as tragic; somehow to some other people, this is what they feel as romantic and blithe. Honestly I found out that I belong to the latter group.

The ethereal silence of the surrounding inside and outside the hut, the time in solitude and so, the hiking trip to Mount Kinabalu overall made me realized that I have endured so many painful sensory overloads and meltdowns from overly stimulating environments in one of the more developed parts of Sabah for so many years. Inside and outside my family house. I lost and get confused about my real identity in those overloads and meltdowns and the price I paid were so high enough.

“ Preference for quiet, minimally stimulating environments.”

The definition of introversion is a validation to that beautiful discovery also another thing that made me accepting the new results with open heart and getting that necessary life adjustments.


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