Kinabalu Lessons 1 : Our Family Members & Friends Are Not The Porters Of Our Own Emotional Baggages !


Credit : Porter Gunung Kinabalu Facebook Page

This is a picture that honestly portraying what porters of Mount Kinabalu are doing for living. It was taken at the least expected place on Laban Rata Resthouse- loading bay at the backside loaded with bags of garbages. After porting foods, drinks and anything to the resthouse, porters have to bring down garbages from here to Timpohon Gate for the disposals at the proper place.

The same picture nearly brought me to tears for many reasons. For this blog post, I’ll say our family members or friends are not deserved to be the porters of our emotional baggages. Even though they are sincerely willing to be our shoulders to cry on.


Credit : Love And Relationship Advice & Suggestions 

Why ?

Emotional baggages are very similar to unnecessary things we bring to the hiking/climbing trip to the mountain or hill. The longer the trail, as altitude keep gaining and as terrain getting steeper, the pains and agonies keep gaining as we keep carrying it. Add up uncertain weather conditions to that. Most of the time we must submitting the extra weights to our mountain guides cum porters before or in the middle of the trail, or willing to pay some handsome money for hiring porters; so that we don’t ‘ended in a death march’.

Any trekkers or climbers of Mount Kinabalu will feel and know this reality for sure. If anyone never do trekking or climbing, try to climb a hill or a mountain with heavy things in your backpack to experience it.

Or at least carry a little gallon of water in your backpack and climb the stairs of any skyscrapers available in your place.

Recall how do we feel and we will realize that family members and friends are not the porters from the heaven. They are human beings with their own flaws and limitations. They may sincerely willing to be the porters of our emotional baggages until compassion fatigue breaks up their souls sooner or later.


For not letting our family members or friends carrying our emotional baggages in silent pain, we have to be free from emotional baggages at the first place.


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