A Call And A Gentle Reminder


Kredit : cikguhassrolnizampjk.blogspot.my

On the last week, I met Makcik Yaya ( not her real name ) on her way back from 10, 000 steps walk daily routine. A grandmother to several grandchildren, she is among my favorite dressmakers and a well-respected figure in the neighborhood. She’s starting her brisk walking routine since two years ago, after joining a health campaign activity promoted by Ministry of Health called ‘Berjalan 10, 000 Langkah Sehari‘. Since then, Makcik Yaya consistently giving her commitments to the programme.

Six years ago, Makcik Yaya had to retire temporarily from her dressmaking business due to the detoriation of her health conditions. On that time, she was a frequent hospital-goers, lost a lot of her body weight and been bed-ridden most of the time. She had aimed her best to get back her health, including investing her savings in alternative medicines.

By Allah’s Will, Makcik Yaya recovered gradually. Since realizing that a healthy body is the paramount in running her business, she did anything she can to sustain her health conditions once getting back her health. Her participation in the government health programme is one of her efforts.

After two years of commitment, Makcik Yaya looks stronger, radiant and attractive for someone in her age. She keeps smiling and makes people joyful just by her presence. Being strong and healthy beyond expectations, she deserved to be admired and envied.

Seeing someone much older aging gracefully is a call to take care on my physical health. A gentle reminder maybe a more suitable way to say so. Since my uni graduation long time ago, honestly I lead a sedentary life with unhealthy consuming habits. A commitment to a pointless, soul-sucking pursuit for more than five years made things worst. As a result, I fell sick and been hospitalized several times in 2012. After facing the toughest reality check after doing some soul-searchings, I firmly decided to quit from ‘The Most Amazing Rat Race’. A miracle or otherwise, I recovered gradually after that.

Somehow, the decision to quit is still not good enough…

After meeting Makcik Yaya, I saw several interesting signboards on my way back to my family house.

For a sudden, I recognized this walking path as a part of ‘Berjalan 10, 000 Langkah Sehari‘ walking trail.


Guess, which category I am in ?

Kredit : Taman Sri Nibong RA Log

These signboards not just simply serving as a landmark for an official trail of a healthy lifestyle programme activity, but also a tough reminder for myself. Reminds me to all the ‘sadistic cruel acts’ that I did to my own body. It’s a sadistic cruel act when I let myself living in sedentary but energy-draining life while enjoying all ‘comfort’ foods and drinks excessively. Suddenly, I have a hunch that Makcik Yaya will be the first to reach Low’s Peak among two of us, in case we are on the same trekking expedition on Mount Kinabalu Summit Trail. It’s not impossible since Tan Sri Dato’ Chan Chong Tak was still be able to scale King George Peak of East Kinabalu-which is much more robust and risky than Summit/Tourist Trail- at the age of 71 in 2004 and after overcame his very own health issue. And it is so shameful when someone very much older having better fitness level than me. I deserved that shame and humilations !

Hopefully, this is the turning point and a very strong motivation for me to make commitments and be consistent in healthy, active lifestyle.

By the way, I wish all the best for Makcik Yaya and her supportive family.

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