Lesson From Visitors’ Replies..


After hundreds of visitors came up to read one of the posts last week, this blogsite returns back to the quietness of the woods of Maliau Basin on pre-fame era…

Somehow I did realized that the quietness of this blog site is not something negative because I have learned a lesson provided by two replies from two visitors.

The lesson not came easy since those replies were dumped into the junk box automatically. It needs time and loving heart to ‘fish it out’ and read it.

Before sharing what I have learned, let me share those replies here :

Reply 1


Reply 2


Sincere or not, only Allah SubhanaWaTaala does know.

Anyway I’ve learned that, if we write something honestly and sincerely, and it is something that we are familiar with; there’re some chances that other people needing and be grateful to read our posts, even though our friends/acquaintances ( or anyone in your expectations ) seems ignoring or even not liking it. Most of the time, we are not expecting that these people will replying to our posts.


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